Our Cuttings Management Packages allow us to manage the backside of your rig with dedicated cuttings handling and management support.  Our experienced operators will manage mixing off cuttings, loading / unloading trucks, ordering sawdust, post well environmental reporting, as well as further rig support around your location as requested.  Our cuttings bins are 4-wall contained units ensuring and reducing the risk of any environmental exposure and spills that can occur with traditional non-contained 3 wall bins.  Excavators also greatly reduce ground disturbance over running a loader on location.

We run the largest excavators in the industry.  Our larger machines give us more lifting capacity allowing us to be more versatile around the rig as far as handling of pipe, collars, etc; and, in turn, increasing the scope of our rig support and services as a part of our package.

  • Largest Excavators in the Industry
  • Pipe Handling Forks and Grapple
  • Increased Overall Rig Site Efficiencies
  • Dedicated On Site Operator (24hrs) - (2nd Operator if Required)
  • Our Machines are large enough to handle Pipe, Collars, Loading / Unloading Trucks
  • Location Maintenance and Snow Removal
  • Assist in Rig Set Up and Tear Out
  • Post Well Environmental Disposal Reporting
  • 30” Reach Picker Ability
  • Backup Camera
  • 4 Sided – Environmental Mixing Bins
  • Minimal Ground Disturbance with Excavator vs Loaders


  • CAT 316E, CAT 318E
  • Post Well Environmental Disposal Reporting
  • CAT Center-Lock™ Pin Grabber Coupler
  • EFI Pipe Handling Forks/Grapple
  • Mixing/Trenching Buckets
  • 30’ Reach Picker Ability
  • Back Up Camera
  • Maximum Pull 35115lb
  • Lift Reach at Ground Level Mono Boom 27’9”
  • Lift Capacities: End, 3m 15300
  • Lift Capacities: Side, 3m 15300
  • Lift Capacities: End, 7.5m 7550
  • Lift Capacities: Side, 7.5m 4600



  • 80m3 (4 sided) Mixing Bins
  • 25m3 (4 sided) Cutting Bins
  • 3 sided High Wall Shale Bins
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